What is an Insulin Pump?
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What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)?

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Technology and Accessories

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Data Management Software

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Introduction to Insulin Pump Therapy

Get to know insulin pump therapy in this section of the Diabetes Hub and hear from others about their experiences pumping so you can evaluate whether pumping is right for you.

How does an insulin pump work?

To learn more about the differences between basal and bolus insulin, how a pump administers insulin and common insulin pump features, click here.

Also, browse more topics including:

  • Insulin Pumps with Exercise and Sleeping. Coming Soon!
  • Dispelling myths about Insulin Pumps - click here!
Choosing the right insulin pump for me

There are a number of factors that should be considered when selecting an insulin pump. Check out this page here!

But what does it all mean? To add to your decision-making process, consider browsing more topics on pumping:

  • Individual recounts of Insulin Pump Therapy. Coming Soon!

Remember: We always recommend chatting to your healthcare professional in determining what is right for you.

Infusion Set Options

Wanting to know more about infusions sets; from what they do to your options and even how to access them - click here!



Introduction to Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Wanting to know more about CGM? Then this is for you! Find out more about how CGM actually reads your glucose levels and hear from the Australian diabetes community as to why they've chosen CGM as a part of their diabetes management plan.

How does CGM work?

Wondering what CGM is and how it could work for you? If so, click here to find out more!

And why not browse through more blogs about CGM including:

  • Dispelling myths about CGM and Insulin Pumps - click here!
  • Individual recounts of CGM. Coming Soon!
Choosing the right CGM system for me

There are a number of important factors that should be considered when selecting a CGM system for your diabetes management.

Why not delve a little deeper on this topic and read from others living with T1D as to why they use CGM as part of their management plan. Coming Soon!

Remember: We always recommend chatting to your healthcare professional in determining what is right for you.

What is the NDSS CGM Subsidy Initiative?

The Australian Government is now providing access to fully subsidised Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) products through the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) for eligible people with Type 1 Diabetes.

Subsidised access to the Dexcom CGM sensors and transmitters is available through the NDSS CGM Subsidy Initiative to individuals living with type 1 diabetes, who meet specific criteriaTo find out more, click here.

UPDATE: In April 2022, the government also pledged to introduce subsidised access to CGM technology for all individuals living with type 1 diabetes. For more information, click here.

But what does this subsidy mean for individuals living with type 1 diabetes? Click here to hear from one of our AMSL Diabetes All-Star Hub bloggers! - Coming Soon!



Technology and Accessories

Wondering what other technology is available to support you and your diabetes management? Take a look at our Technology and Accessories segment of the Diabetes Hub!

How does a blood glucose meter work?

To learn more about blood glucose meters, testing and how they can help you manage your glucose levels, click here.

How often should I test my blood glucose level and what levels am I aiming for?

Wondering how often you should test your glucose levels? To find out more, click here.

Remember: Please discuss with your doctor or credentialled diabetes educator before making any changes to your treatment.



Introduction to Data Management

Storing your glucose data on web based diabetes software can be a good way of keeping track of your long-term diabetes management. Whether you use an insulin pump, CGM device or blood glucose meter, these online platforms can also highlight patterns and trends of your glucose levels, allowing you and your healthcare team to optimise your health plan.

One such software is Glooko which is compatible with a number of different diabetes devices and technologies. This platform allows you to pull together data from a variety of devices in the one report. Glooko also has the capability of automatically sending glucose data onto a paired healthcare team account (feature must be set up).

Another software platform is Dexcom Clarity which exclusively stores data from Dexcom CGM devices. Dexcom Clarity highlights important insights that can help in the assessment of your diabetes management including patterns of highs, lows, day-time and night-time glucose reports, and it can also remotely share glucose data with your healthcare team (once enabled). Dexcom Clarity is compatible with Dexcom G6.

diasend by Glooko (for various devices)

To find out more about the diasend by Glooko platform and how it can store your diabetes data - click here!

Dexcom Clarity (for CGM)

To uncover more about Dexcom Clarity - the exclusive data management platform for Dexcom users, click here.

See other categories for personal experiences using diabetes management products

Want to hear from someone who uses Dexcom Clarity or Dexcom G6? Coming Soon!


General Blogs

Discover more about life with T1D and hear from others

T1D and Daily Life

Learn More >

T1D Community Spotlight

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T1D and Daily Life

There are so many lifestyle factors that can affect glucose levels. T1D and Daily Life explores the reason behind why these changes occur whilst also uncovering tips and tricks from others living with type 1 diabetes.


Learn more about how food can affect your glucose levels - click here!

And while you're here, why not read from others living with type 1 diabetes about how they navigate their diet with diabetes, their favourite meals and more. To read more, click here.

Travelling with T1D

Between the importance of a diabetes back-up plan, the effect of different activities on your glucose levels and getting through airport security! Click here to read about our tips for managing diabetes whilst travelling.

Also, read from others about how they travel with diabetes by clicking here


Wanting to know more about how your glucose levels are affected by different types of exercise and varying duration, but not sure where to start? Check out our blog here which introduces these concepts! 

Click here to hear from others from the T1D community about how exercise affects their diabetes management!

Wellbeing and Balance

Managing a 24/7 condition like diabetes can be overwhelming. So we've spoken to members from the Australian diabetes community to hear how they stay motivated with their diabetes care. To read more, click here


Wondering how to navigate work and managing your glucose levels?

Hear from others living with type 1 diabetes about what works for them!



T1D Community Spotlight

T1D Community Spotlight celebrates some of the amazing individuals living with type 1 diabetes and reinforces that you are never alone! Get to know others living with type 1 diabetes and see how they've been able to excel in their field; whether that be sport, music or even small every-day wins.

Famous People with T1D

From elite athletes to professional musicians and everything in between, discover some of the famous individuals living with T1D by clicking here.


Click here to meet some of our Dexcom Warriors and customers and read about their journey with T1D, any tips or tricks they've learned along the way and how they stay motivated to achieving their goals.

Dexcom Warrior Program - newly launched!

Click here to find out more about the Australian Dexcom Warrior Program, and how you can join too!

Last updated: 23rd August 2023

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